After losing my Lucy in June - there was a huge void in my life. When she was taken from me so suddenly it broke my heart.

I had been looking off and on for a new puppy and not able to find the Jack Russell to replace her. One day while scouring the internet I found an ad for a miniature pinscher and knew that's the one!

I picked her up that day and my sweet Magdalena (Maggie) has brought purpose and joy back into my life.
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6 Responses Dec 17, 2014

She is a doll baby!

What a sweet baby! Congrats!

Wow...she is adorable! Thats awesome! Your Christmas morning is going to be alot more exciting with Maggie.

lol...I can see your smile from all the way over here!

I'm glade that you found a sweet little miniature Pinscher she sounds adorable. I hope your both very happy together!

Sweet story;)

Holy smokes! She is adorable. :o)

Got you wrapped around her paw already? lol