I took one of my dogs to the park earlier today, and someone with her golden retriever (who was growling at my dog) told me to, "Get that vicious beast out of the park before it kills someone".
What a sad and uneducated world we live in.
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i am sure the golden retriever didn't say that.

"Someone with her golden retriever"

haha, i got it.

I have a rottweiler, I get that a lot even though my boy is actually a real coward.

That horrible I hate people like that

Some people are ignorant.

my dog is a dashhound/chawawa/pitbull cross and some people think he is mean when he barks at them(he does this to all starngers or people he don't know well) but I say " i'd think 'bout what your sayin' 'cause say it again and you'll get slaped"

I'd never say that, it feeds into the stereotype. Education is more effective than aggression.

yeah but insulting him is like insulting me

Your dog looks like a real sweetheart to me !

He is! He's a giant lapdog. ☺️

yeah but he's mine

Soooo ******* cute.

haha thats really funny:)how can a small cute dog kill someone

he would if he could but he can't so he shan't

=( I would cuddle that dog of yours all the time if he was mine.

There's no shortage of cuddles around here. Haha

I bet =) I was looking at this list on website focusing on dogs. The list was "Top Family Dogs". Guess what breed made the list? =)

Yes. It is. But the truth is that pitbulls can be aggressive by nature. This breed was created by men, as a fighting dog.
And if the owner does not train them well they can be dangerous. Because they are genetically more aggressive.
So it's really abut the owner. And unfortunately there are some ignorant people that get them to participate in pit fights.
And because of it, all pitbulls suffer the consequences.
In some countries it is against the law to breed them. There are also some parks where the are forbidden entrance.
However, the person at the park was rude to you and there are no excuses for it.
Your dog looks beautiful.....

Pitbulls are on the list of "Top Family Dogs"

I did not make what I wrote up.
I am not saying anything bad about your dog, but they are fighting dogs.
Agan, your dog is beautiful and that lady at the park was rude to you.

I know you didn't make that up. But pit bulls are some of the most loving dogs. You have to raise them right just like any other breed.

OH, what a sweet face, I am sure you get 100's and 100's of kisses. As long as you have your dog on a leash and keep him away from other dogs, I would think there should be no problem. I have a Timber Wolf and people do not keep their dogs on a leash and I am constantly being in the middle of a dog fight. Last Easter I ended up in the ER because somebody did not have their dog on its leash and my wolf literally drug me down the street going after their dog.

He absolutely loves other dogs and is great off leash, the only problems I've ever had was someone's Chihuahua/JRT mix latched onto his neck and he didn't like it at all. Ouch, what a way to spend Easter.

I hate to be the one to tell you, if I see ANY dog off their leash I get VERY upset. My wolf does NOT like other dogs and people do not think when they have their dogs off their leash and it runs up to an unfriendly dog and they get into a fight. I spent Easter in the ER because somebody did not have their dog on a leash and I paid the price for it. It amazes me that people scream at their kids when they try to pet a strange dog, but when their dog runs up to another person's dog, they think it is ok. MY ADVICE TO YOU IS THE WOMAN WAS RIGHT IF YOU DID NOT HAVE YOUR DOG ON A LEASH. NOT KEEPING YOUR DOG ON A LEASH AND LETTING IT RUN UP TO OTHER DOGS IS WHY I SPENT EASTER IN THE ER, WHICH WAS A $10,000.00 BILL AND THE OTHER PARTY WAS SUED.


She did not mention having the dog off leash.
However you are right, it is safer for everyone to keep any dog on leash

Yes, you had to pay for stupid dog owners. We have the same issue, over and over again. They think it their RIGHT to have their dog of the leash.

THE DOG WOULD NOT HAVE LATCHED ONTO YOUR DOGS NECK IF YOUR DOG WAS NOT NEAR THE OTHER DOG, KEEP YOUR DOG ON ITS LEASH. If your dog is not aggressive and walks up to an aggressive dog, your dog may be hurt by you not being a responsible pet owner. KEEP YOUR DOG ON ITS LEASH. Not everybody likes dogs coming up to their dogs, Think of the other person, you love your dog, others do not.

It was in a fenced in dog park, where they're supposed to be off leash and running around. If they have a dog that has aggression problems, best bet is not to take it somewhere where normal dogs will be off leash.

Holy capital letters!!! There are such things as parks for dogs. They are there so you can take your dog somewhere off the leash.

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You should of said "Dam right this dog is a ferocious beast, better get outta my face before I let him loose all over bout y'all, Cranky old lady and your lame @ss dog"

Awe I saw a dog like him earlier today blue pitts are my favorite I had a red mix loved her so much.

I love my pit bull. Now that I am honorably discharged from active Army service, I went out and got him certified with very little training they had to teach him since I trained him. As long as he wears his service vest, I can take him wherever I want. "Excuse me sir, you need to take that beast out of here before it kills some child." *My time to shine. "How about you place your hands at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock and stay in your own lane and once you get there, keep your damn mouth shut." Park officials are always so angry, cops always think it hilarious. I've got his picture, Dammitt, in my album pictures if you want to see him. I rescued him when I was stationed up in Alaska

I have always thought the breed were really beautiful, but I have to say I had a fear of pit bills for a while because of the media depiction of them and attacks that you hear about, even though I've always known there are good and bad dogs of every breed.

Since I've started volunteering at the humane society, I have seen this breed over and over and feel bad for the bad rap they constantly get. People lose their home owners insurance and give them up. People are scared of any liability, so they give them up. People are cruel to them or use them as fighting dogs, so when you teach a dog to attack, why are we so surprised when they do? So I have to say now that I have given the breed a chance and got to know several, I say some are very sweet pets that don't deserve the hate put on them..just because they are part of a particular breed, It's really sad for the animal and owners who love them as well.

I've rescued all six of mine from high-kill shelters, they all have rocky pasts ranging from neglect to dog fighting. Hurts to see so many people afraid of them when it's not their fault at all. They didn't used to be America's most loved dog for no reason.

I agree. Awareness and education about the breed is what people need most ..Il read a book once..called..there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

I think that says it all really :)

She must have had a rough day or something since that was uncalled for.

Where we live, your type of breed do indeed show the most human attacks. So their are some that have your breed that don't treat them well, if they did, they would not attack young children like they do.
Your breed is bred to fight, it is in their DNA.
Yes, all dogs have that potential to attack, but .......some breeds are more so.....

Most Pitbull attacks are unaltered males who have been abused or neglected. They were bred to be loyal to humans. That doesn't justify someone (with an obviously dog-aggressive pet) telling me to leave because of his breed. Needless to say, we stayed anyway.

Yes, doggies do pick up their owners energy. They sure are the best to share life with. Happy holidays to you.