Wanted a Puppy For Awhile

I was living with some very close friends of mine not too long ago. I was always harping at them about how I wanted a puppy.

One day I was sitting on the couch watching tv, when my two roommates walked in and said that they had my birthday present for me. I told them to wait, because my birthday was only a week away. They said that they couldn't wait until then. The young man that had become just like a nephew to me opened up his coat and there she was. A seven week old boxer-beagle mix. She was all white, except for a few brown spots on her back and ears.

It brought tears to my eyes because they knew how much I wanted a puppy and when they had seen her out of the three left, they knew that she was the one for me. Sure enough, she is up my butt all the time. I spoiled her rotten.

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1 Response Apr 28, 2009

I almost cried. Idk why...i guess it's just cause that was so thoughtful and it was kind of like a scene in a movie. I can just imagine the cute thing running around. Aren't they adorable?<br />
I have a poodle puppy. I'd never really been a fan of them until I got her. What they did to the hair never really opted me to get one. Her hair is just like any other dogs though. How old is she now?