Well, because I have no self control... I adopted another pitbull today. She's only 3 months old and was found in a crate in someone's basement with two other puppies who didn't make it to the vet. I'm so excited to finally have another rescue puppy. :)
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She's beautiful!!!!

That's awesome. I have a Red Nose rescue which I adopted 1.5 years ago and have no regrets! Would get another one if I had the space. Many ppl have told me that if you put pitbulls together they will rough house and fight a lot. Do you know if thats true?

No, they won't fight if you introduce them correctly. Pits rough house a lot, that's just how they play and they can't help it. But definitely see how your dog is with other dogs before you bring another one into your house. :) Dog aggression is sadly common with pits, not their fault.

That's so unfortunate because younger pits tend to like him alot for some reasons?? and he'll sit and lets them pull at his ears and jump all over him. He's often judged for his rough appearance yet a sweet heart. Thanks Again

TY for the education. Much appreciation!

aww super cute!

Awe, she's gorgeous!

I have a hammer.

Congratulations, do you want a cookie?

what kind?

I have chocolate chip

then, YES!!!

what's my motivation for starting such a group?

i don't feel silly, but thanks. "bomb...nicely done! I'm just responding to the first thing that comes to mind when i see the captions. no disrespect nor maliciousness intended...just having fun...and your initial response implies you're not prone to over-reacting to someone's foolishness. keep right on rescuing!

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Oh my gosh!! I want her!!

So it seems that you are proud of yourself? If hasn't occurred to you that this is abnormal behavior?

Well I'm glad to see there are more animal rescuers out there.

O.M.GOODNESS! She's is the cutest thing in the world! Congratulations on the new pup!

you are awesome!!!

She's my 7th dog please kill me lol I need to be stopped before I go completely bankrupt

I wish I could help! are you able to find good homes for some of your dogs so that you can keep fostering more? also, have you considered crowd funding to help with the costs?

Two of my dogs are fosters, so pretty soon I'll be down to 5 again. Luckily my job pretty much covers everything, I'm not struggling with taking care of them all. It's cute how you think I'm smart enough to think of that lol

You're a bright one :).. There's a small local shelter that does that. They have an option where people can foster from afar. people choose the dog they eant to "foster" and then they send money every month to help pay for basic costs (food, toys, shots, etc..) that way the shelter can use other donations for more expensive costs like surgery or medicine for their more risky rescues... just a thought.. :)

Don't do this to yourself. I ended up with 12 cats. I maintained them for 6 years. I basically had a nervous breakdown. Four of them were euthanized, eventually. If you feel an urge to get another dog, go to therapy. Make rescuers aware that you cannot take any more. You are in an addictive spiral where you are going to end up hurting yourself and your pets. Start by realizing that what you are doing is self-destructive and NOT GOOD for the animals, and resolve to change. This is a problem sensitive, kind people have but it is not sensitive or kind to give in to it. You must fight the urge to get more dogs. You must accept the fact that you can't save the world and start saving yourself.

I'm not addicted, and all of my dogs are healthier than they've ever been. It's not that big of a deal. Everything is under control, and if a dog doesn't work out, I have plenty of friends who would be more than glad to take them. Their health is my first priority, that's why I adopted them in the first place.

Well good luck to you then. Maybe you are strong enough to do this.

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Aww she's so cute! :3