Spending most of my time and money on spreading awareness on the real effects of BSL and dogfighting doesn't bother me at all. All seven of my rescue dogs have come from bad situations ranging from neglect to being in the dogfighting ring, and all of them are well behaved and loving. People will tell you these dogs are born "inherently aggressive", but I can tell you that no dog is born aggressive. Give them a chance, you might just find your next best friend.
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So sweet. He looks just like my dog except mines blue. I swear, pit bulls are the sweetest.

That breaks my heart. How someone can put those beautiful animals in a situation like that kills me. That is a beautiful dog.

My pittie is the love of my life! ❤️ I'm also an auntie to a pittie 😊 they are the sweetest girls ever!

EXACTLY!!! Most my dogs come from neglect and amuse situations, and they're the friendliest,sweetest animals you'll ever meet...though they're pretty much Fred and George Weasley when it comes to mischief...

I get along with my dog better than I do with most humans.

Ikr? That's the Gods honest truth.

Any breed can be aggressive. I absolutely hate how people treat pits. "It's not the breed, it's the state of mind" by Cesar Milan and he so right.