I have a dog called 'Kira'. (See my pictures). But she's more than just a dog to me. She's the most awesome dog that has ever lived :)

 Well, I would say that, would'nt I ?

I met/found/picked her up and gave her a home back in 1991, from a rescue centre in Suffolk, England.  I nearly did'nt pick her though, as she was cowering away at the back of her kennel and barking/snarling at everyone who tried to get too close to her.

But something just told me that she was the perfect dog for me. I don't know why, but we seemed to instantly bond with each other. She needed me, and I needed her. Well that's how it felt at the time anyways. So I chose her, or she chose me. (i'm still not too sure which it was), and we have been the best of friends ever since.

We've shared some great times togeather. We've been and seen and walked and run in some of the most beautiful places. She has been the most faithful friend to me.  But to cut a long story short, she's getting really old now, and i just wanted to tell you peeps that when she's gone, i'm gonna miss her really badly. That is all.x




She's gone now. I was right. I do miss her really, REALLY BADLY!!.....

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Pets are such a wonderful important part of our lives... maybe even because they dont get to be here as long as we'd like them too..<br />
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i dont know what i'd do without my cat... i swear she's an extension of my soul sometimes..