I absolutely adore my dog!! I have a standard poodle and he is BEAUTIFUL. I can't imagine my life without him!
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I've got one named Zeus, he's a good boy I grew up with em but I think he's reaching the end of the road

We have 3 dogs and 3 cats. A 117# yellow lab, a 45# Australian Cattle dog with one blue eye and one brown eye and a mixed breed all black 45# lab. Our little family!!!!

I have 3 cats also!

I feel the same about my sweet and beautiful little girl dog.

We got a Labrodoodle. She is a real play fighter. What's he called?

His name is Evan. He's 3/4 standard and 1/4 Australian lab... He was dark chocolate when he was younger. Now he's a gorgeous bronze color.

Long live to your dog! Our Westy died last month after 15 years of giving us happiness. It is heartbreaking how we can miss so much a pet.

I'm sorry for your loss. My first standard died at 8 years and it took 3 years before I could get my current baby...