The Ugliest Dog Breeds and the Celebs They Look Like

So, I just heard that tomorrow is apparently "Ugly Dog Day,"

so my young and intellectually-curious mind decided to kill time at work and look up which dog breeds are routinely voted the "ugliest." After some extensive scientific research using the interwebs, I found the 6 ugliest dog breeds out there. Some of these little guys look like they arrived on a meteor, but what's most interesting is that some of them have a striking resemblance to some popular celebrities.

I decided to waste more time at work and come up with these dogs' celebrity look-alikes, and have pulled for your amusement The top 6 Ugliest Dog Breeds and the Celebrities that look like them:

6. Komondor and Whoopi:

Whoopi is clearly surprised at finding her long-lost twin. The poor Komondor seems a bit puzzled as well...

5. Chinese Crested and the Hilton Sisters (Paris and Nicky):

This one was a tough toss-up between the Hilton sisters and the Olson Twins, but Paris' resemblance in particular won the day.

4. Afghan Hound and Cher

If I could add a caption to this photo (well, I guess I can!), the Afghan Hound would be thinking  "Oh Cher, you are the wind beneath my wings" while Cher is looking off thinking "who is the creep-o staring at me"

3. Bedlington Terrier and Adrien Brody

Awww what a loving couple staring passionately into each other's eyes. I think I'm going to barf.

2. Pug and Danny DeVito

The two mini breeds: Pugs and DeVitos.

1. Shih Tzu and Pai-Mei (Kill Bill and other Kung Fu flicks)

This one is just such a good match that it had to get the #1 spot.

Hope you enjoyed it. If you like this, share the love for Ugly Dog Day 2009!

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8 Responses Jun 25, 2009

Thanks for the laugh.

This is a great one, I really enjoyed it

I love it, great job and thanks for sharing.

This was awesome! Great job on it!

I'm laughing hysterically. This is great!

This is great. :D

Wow! I love these! Thanks for the laugh.

Hilton sisters for the win! Though Cher is a very close second. Hmm... maybe it's Cher for the win...