My dog just had puppies!!! 💙 two boys and two girls.
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now hard part u got find good homes for em try make shore they don't end up with a bleeep

Awe! What type? :)

Mix of mutt and toy poodle


Awwww I bet they must be adorable!! Congratulations!!


Thank you!

They are a mix of toy poodle and mutt haha, my baby girl was a stray we took in.

I do too! I'm dreading going to school soon because I want to stay with them. Their little paws are so tiny hehe

Three are a solid black, both girls have more curly hair. And one boy is a dark brown with a black stripe running down his back

Yes I will :D

But one of my best friends really wanted a boy... I'm thinking about when one of the boys are older MAYBE giving one I him but I'm not sure

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congrats =)