I have a pitbull mix named cain who is 4 years old.  Last night i had to take him to the pet hospital because his eyes were swollen shut, and he wouldnt get up.  I had been so busy with work yesterday that i hadnt noticed he had not even touched any of his food or water until later in the day.  He looked horrible, he was really warm, his tummy, ears, and nose had all turned pink, and he wasnt his normal spunky self.  He had to stay overnight with a cathadar and intervenious IVs of painkillers and fluids.  My husband and i miss him so much and are worried because as of last night they didnt know exactly what had happened to him, or what he had gotten into.  It didnt look good.  Today hopefully we can pick him up and he will be better...but if not, then who knows. =(

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What happened?