I wish when people buy pets they understand that they are breathing creatures that they don't deserve to be treated like they are savages. So with that being said I am extremely disgusted by the Yulin dog festival taking place in China this year. I could never think of seeing my poor baby Thor being boiled or skinned or beaten for the sake of culture. Please did something else to praise because taking the lives of animals is not one.
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besides it don't seem right dogs give us so much they guard us they pull sleds the catch crooks guid the blind heard our life stoke help us hunt save lives and give us companionship a Relashioship built on centuries off of mutual trust and be brake that un wavering love and trust doing that to them no that is not right

Actually pig chicken man in my country people do care thats why the law says you cant slaughter them that way either no animal deservers to beaten terrorises and slowly killed i could live with them eating dog meat providing of course A it killed quick and humanly and B it actually there dog and C bought as life stoke and knot as a pet

You know worse thing half dog killed don't belong to the savages doing it most off them dogs are stolen or dog napped if some one did that my baby id probley go jail i do worse to them

He's so gorgeous! Yes I watched a documentary about this and I was in tears, it's so heart breaking.

Thank you! He's my pride and joy! I know it makes me cherish my baby each and every day.

Ehehehehe. Your sadness brings me joy!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You are a very sad person

Not particularly. I like the angry respones I get for saying such a salt infusing thing. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Well there will be nothing mean coming from me.

Okeeeeee. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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Oh my gosh. What a cute puppy. I can't imagine hurting a pet... I have dog and cat. They are part of the family..

Thank you be he is quite the villain. Lol that is so cute what are their names?

Brody is the dod. A min alstralia shepard. Freddie is a female cat. We thought she w a small a he at first, but the name stuck. Lol... they are best buds and actually will chase. Each other and play together...!

Sorry on my not so smart phone....

That's makes me so giddy. Haha. How adorable is that. Cat and dog BFF's!

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Chinese are just horrible people in general, how can people stereotyped at being so smart be so stupid when it comes to having manners or feelings

I agree with you partially. Their culture is very appealing but this definitely makes them despicable an less than. I so not understand the need for this festival.

ok, after reading my post i think i went to far, not all Chinese are terrible, but if your going to hurt an animal that you could call a pet, dog, cat ect., you deserve a harsh punishment

That's better. One bad Appel should not spoil the bunch

You speak words that i hold inside me that inspire me to be a zoologist, I want to someday help the animals that suffer because of our selfish need, and btw cute dog

Thank you. I believe in you and I hope one day you can make your dream come true. There are many projects you can work with to help save endangered dogs- I found that I started my work with helping animals is that I stope eating them.

I grew up wishing up to help many endangered animals, sometimes it breaks my heart to hear hundreds of elephants die just to make a fancy necklace or piece of art

Yes, it's very heart wrenching. I spent two wells on Africa working with the preserve there and I could not say I have met a more beautiful and friendly creature. I just do not see the need to murder them for a resource.

Exactly my point, same with Rhinos or Pandas

Yes. I fear that the animals we see on a regular basis will be gone before the century is over.

That is down to the point my fear as well, so many creatures that we may drive off this planet, I mean we already did with so
Many creatures in the past

Yes, exactly. The world forests and natural reserves are being cut little by little each year and this will consequently effect out animals. I wish that they would notice this and stop straining the earth of her resources.

It's the same thing with the ocean, we have pumped and spilled so much into the ocean, it has slowly started to turn to acid

That is very true. All of these chemicals that were banned years ago for wig toxic have set into the layers of the ocean and are getting our dolphins sick and any other animal that feeds on the sea bed or these dolphins. It's quite sickening.

It really is, honestly we are the most destructive thing on this planet, yet we go by like its nothing

We take and expect everything to replenish itself when we must give back to the earth and not it plastic bottles.

Or replant trees rather than plant houses

Yes exactly. I feel like you could do a lot of change in this world with the way you think. I applaud you.

Thank you, and the same goes to you, also Thor is an awesome and for your dog 😊

Thank you! He is an awesome dog. Thinking of getting another one and naming him Loki. Haha because I am a very big nerd.

Lol don't worry I'm a nerd too lol


Lol yeah 😝

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