I actually have two St. Bernards whom I love with all my heart! Seriously the best dogs ever!
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nah, give me my old buddy Dawg, he's a Timber Wolf, by the way. Raised he from a pup.

Hey your here for your reasons ...and I don't interfere....what kind of delusionally arrogant assole goes around acting like some kind of authority threatening people having (their idea of fun). And you...rather than minding your own business...and having your own good time you have to puss in someone's Cheerios...
Man walk away and stand in your pathetic pool of ****....because you don't know how to have some fun and jokes.....stay out of my face you frustrated little man

How di that happen

Maybe we were meant to meet


Yeah? What do you think of my swagger?

Ummm 😳 THAT escalated quickly.


You know what you did ;-)

Your not who I thought are you?

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They slobber a lot, but they are wonderful dogs! ☺️