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the American dream

Mine too

I used to be such an animal person. I just cannot do dogs anymore. The hair, the barking, etc. They are too much work and the unending loyalty and constant affection is exhausting. I truly feel that those crazy dog people that treat their dogs like children just need a lot of love and dogs pass out affection in bundles. I don't need someone constantly wanting attention from me and demanding attention back. I like cats more and more because you never know what kind of personality you'll get and they do their own thing but show just enough affection to show they appreciate you...but don't like to be hugged. And dogs lay around just as much as cats during the day but stand at attention before you open the door! Cats are like...oh, your home? That takes balls! Random thoughts. Cute dog though!

Ok don't say anything whatsoever if your going to be that way I have a dog myself her name is jersey and I love her so much if you wanna ***** about how bad it is having a dog go do it somewhere else I certainly don't approve of it here considering myself a dog lover

Jeez, just giving you my perspective! My point was that I love dogs and hate that I don't have patience for them… why are you so sensitive to me talking bad about my faults? Dogs maybe the best creature on this planet, as they love unconditionally… I just think it's weird that I don't like it and thought I would share. Sorry if I hurt your feelings

Haha. Ok...well you came to an open forum on the Internet. If you only want to read about things you agree with...maybe choose a site more geared to your interests. It's not like I told you that you and your dog suck. Just putting my thoughts down.
Some serious anger balls in here.

Very well agreed

Your dog is trying to comfort you because believe it or not your dog can sense when your upset

Did it get hot in here or is it just me? Why does a person who doesn't like dogs anymore doing here anyway😂 hello sure they got i love cats section and you're not a psychologist so only speak for urself about love and bs about affection first of All and second pls don't be putting garbage on my post if you don't know who you trying to **** off. You are a whining biatch just like ur dirty *** cat😹

Is this the dog lovers only section? Why am I being attacked for noting my flaw? I didn't say we should kill all the dogs in the world… I was just sharing that I think it is weird that I don't like dogs, when they are the best most loving creatures on earth. I was just telling you about myself… I didn't know I could only comment on cat stuff. Why is everyone so touchy?

Wow...totally agree. I'm wondering why I am like this myself. I was just sharing like everyone else, not saying dogs suck. But I should have known better to make the comment about the crazy dog lovers the way I did… Because I think the ones in here that are taking it personally or the people I was talking about. LOL I really am just questioning myself, I probably should have put that in there… But it is weird that so many people love dogs because they love unconditionally. They even love people's flaws… Which can sometimes even hurt the dog themselves and they stay loyal. Just making an observation about human nature. I will bow out. By the way… I think the dog in this photo is adorable.

I'd just like to point out that there's a flaw, of sorts, in your logic. Essentially, you are asserting that 'crazy dog people who treat their dogs like children' are in some way lacking in terms of the love they receive, or, in some form their appreciation of it, and as such turn to the animal species which doles it out unconditionally and in great amounts. Yet prior to that you say that, of dogs, '[their] unending loyalty and constant affection is exhausting.' This statement implies that the very act of receiving love and being treated with the greatest affection is, to you, in some way draining or otherwise unfulfilling. So I would ask you, who is that truly has some sort of issue; those who revel in an abundance of love and return it by treating their dogs as they would one of their own species, or those who find the very concept of a constant influx of love a tiring prospect? Of course, I could be misinterpreting or misrepresenting your words, in which case I apologize and advance and would ask that you rephrase your statement so that your true thoughts are revealed. However that are a few other holes and fallacies I feel inclined to point out. You speak of people who treat their dogs like children and refer to them as crazy. That is your opinion and you're entitled to it, but given your phrasing you ignored the fact that there are people who treat their cats the same way. Amongst both camps there are undoubtably various factions of extremists, but it cannot be said that they are exclusive to only one group. You then continue on to say that with cats you are always unsure just what you will come across in terms of personality, and in doing seem to be implying you feel that there exists only one personality types amongst dogs. I, being a proud owner of one dog currently and of two others in the past (who are both sorely missed), can personally attest to the fact that is not the case, as I'm sure every other person who has owned, or even simply encountered, more than one can as well. Granted, of the two species, dogs are more inclined towards hyperactivity and to be of a mind set on actively seeking companionship and attention. However, one of my dog's greatest passions in life was food, and her love for it was unmatched. While I know she loved me dearly, I also know that were she to have been given a choice between me and piece of food (barring only tomatoes, raw mushrooms, and undressed greens), she would most certainly have chosen the latter. Yet I had another dog who would much prefer to spend time in my company than in pursuit of food. Additionally, while the first dog I mentioned was, in fact, content to lay around all day (with the exception of mealtimes, naturally), the latter was incredibly energetic and loathe to sit still when the opportunity for any sort of activity presented itself. I have also known of at least one cat which was just as inquisitive and demanding of attention as the stereotypical dog you speak of. Anyway, it now stands that have grossly overanalyzed everything that you have said, and if at any point I offended you or came across as confrontational, I sincerely apologize and assert that it was merely my intent to enlighten you as to some of the holes present in your logic and to, hopefully, broaden your horizons of understanding in the matter, or to at least prompt a brief reconsideration or rephrasing of your own opinions on the matter.

We have a basset hound too! He is spoiled but stubborn. He is so loud and hates when we leave. Does yours have a howl and bark that literally rings through your head? Our neighbors hate us sometimes, because I realized that he actually howls all day while we are at work too. He is a bit of a diva and loves attention but my kids just don't take it to him. He always stinks even though we bathe him because he loves to roll an armadillo poop. He hates getting his nails trimmed and pitches a fit. He always has wet and dirty ears from his food. And when he shakes his head slobber goes everywhere… It drives my husband crazy because it goes all over the TV. But he needs constant attention and it's a lot for me with two kids. Most of all, he pees everywhere. He never took to potty training because he would go outside and come in and sneak to mark things. I tried everything to break him of it and it never works. Even outside he prefers to pee on the patio but it's a little bit everywhere and we have to do a full scrub down everytime we want to hang out outside....we live in Florida! I can't get nice patio furniture because his stinky *** would climb on it and mark it with no regard. I have tried spanking and turning furniture upside down but it doesn't matter because he doesn't mind letting us down… where most dogs just want to please you and may sneak on the furniture but would get down when they think they will get caught. He doesn't give a ****. It also doesn't help that my husband would not let me neuter him, so he still has the primal urge to mark everything. My life would be easier without him, but he is part of the family… Even though he is a pain. If you read my comments above you will find I am not a dog person… You will realize how hard it is for me to put up with these things. But I would rather him be here then at the puppy mill that we picked him up from loaded with fleas and outside all day.I just wish he wasn't so damn stubborn. And loud! Sorry, small vent...he is a lover though!

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