I found this little sweetie on the side of the road today chained up and in horrible condition. Just more reason to spay and neuter your pets ALWAYS. She's going home with me and then we'll start to look for potential adopters once she's back to health. Absolutely disgusting.
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It is, isn't it? Why do people treat dogs like disposable products? They aren't! Dogs are living creatures with souls and hearts, and a life to live, and we must respect that, and take care of them. Don't use our evolutionary advantages over them for evil, do what I do, and use those advantages to help them.

How adorable that puppy is ! Thank you for saving her life. Wish my dog was dog friendly I'd get another dog in a second.

😻 she is soo lovely. & what a kind thing to do ☺️

Awe.... How can someone do that to such an adorable little guy!!!!

I can't wait to own my own someday!

That poor innocent soul! My heart aches when I see people who do this to poor helpless animals but now you're a hero in that puppies eyes for life! Thank you for helping that little fella!

She's cute. She'll be beautiful when she's older,especially with that eye color

Name her Ray ^~^

Thank you for caring. That's so sad.

Awww. Bless your soul for rescuing the little angel.

Aw! I do wish she will find a loving family to cuddle and be loved through. She looks so adorable and good job to rescue her. One more step and wish she will live longer in joy and happiness.

I found a stray puppy (maybe 6 month)in my garage a few years ago. He has been a great family dog ever since πŸ˜ƒ

How someone could hurt an animal is beyond me. People are truly horrible. That puppy is adorable! I hope she finds a good home!

LOOK AT THAT FACE! Gosh, now I'm puppy broody. Thank you for looking after her..

Aw, man. You rock for saving her. I wish I could take her in. What a little sweety.

oh you are a good soul!! Poor thing, Just so cute :) God Bless and maybe you should keep her!! :)

I need.

The puppy is a cutie, super enough. If my baby waby hunny bunny snugglieboo wifiepoo wasn't allergic, I would take her, felt her name would be changed the Bernadette Geraldine Thermopylae.

She's so cute! And you know I think it's amazing every time you rescue one of them. The world is a better place because of you.

I have 9 puppies now. Thor is getting adopted Tuesday though. Then I have Onyx's 7 newbies and now this girl. ****, this is stressful.

When did she have the puppies??? If I lived closer, I would offer to help out with some of them. I hope you find good homes quickly