I've known you twelve years
We sit quietly now
Arguments between us, forgotten
Adventures we had scarred on your paws
What a different dog you are.
A hyper youth came skidding through the house
Not knowing where you were
But you knew that you were mine
Because they didn't want you.
Underweight and unknown to me
I'd never had a dog.

I worried I couldn't look after you
You were untrained and as it transpired
But you had your wit and your wiles
You were so damn clever. For a dog.
You ran for miles until your chest hurt
You swam like an otter until your lungs burst
Waiting impatiently
To start all over again.
Black and white and handsome
The suavest of dogs.

Sniffing fatherhood in the air
She came for you and you took her
You loved her and she left you
With four puppies
Who you hated.
And now you sleep whitened and wizened
Your footing unsure, your speed diminished
Your boy, the usurper, getting too much attention
For your liking.
But I still love you. I always loved you
Even if I don't say it.
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8 Responses Dec 2, 2015

Well said. Toby is my absolute best friend.

This was beautiful to see. Brought a tear, here come more...There is another shooting today, the world is crumbling..But I saw this and my best friend (bestest I call him) is playing on the floor. He's my son and my friend..He doesn't understand politics so he can't hold that against me, he always forgives everything anyway . Thank you for this, I needed it today.

My wife had a toy terrira is was super spoiled. Would not jump on the bed. Had to be carried and put on the bed. She was such a beauty, and for all we did she made sure we would never forget her and died on my wife's birthday.😢 she was a lotta white with some brown markings. Could not find it in my heart to bury her so I had her cremated and her ashes sits on a shelf at home. I miss her dearly.
Rest in paradise princess Kea

So beautifully put. X

My dog brownie! love you my kiddo! you will always remain in my heart! you showed me what true love was! rest in peace my child!

Recently lost mine and I still check he has water in a bowl that's no longer there 😟

They steal your heart

in the kindest loving way..

That's amazing! Thanks for sharing :)