That super acward moment when u are having s** or mas***bating and u see your dog eyeing u down.
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My cat insists on coming to the bathroom with me.

my dog does it too he will push the door open and peek his head around the door like Hi Mom what u doing or do the same if I'm in the shower with the shower curtain.

Very disconcerting when she jumps through the window onto my shoulders while I am sitting on the throne!

she's there for moral support lol.

The least she could do is pass the 'paper

lol yea most cats do that.

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Or ever have the dog that wants to be a part of everything you do and decides to come up and insists on licking you in the middle of whatever you're doing??? They just don't understand why you're getting so upset with them or why you're telling them to go away.

the little git mounted me while I was getting busy the girl in doggie then the dog tried doggie me lol

lol thats really funny. that's a real train


no I've never been trained by a dog. not on my bucket list.

Haha yup

God yes. Feel like your being watched

Not sure why the dog would be eyeing you. They can lick their own junk. They don't even need fingers to thumbs. Now that's talent.

The dog is jealous

Ok this post and all the comments are making me crack up

They want some action too.

We have a small dog who always gets between me and hubby if we try to cuddle. So you can imagine what happens when it's a bit more heated. Also I have to be careful when I take top off because she goes after the nips lol and that hurts

I was with this girl in HS. She had a very protective dog, in the middle of our coitus the dog pushed the door open and was very worried that I was hurting her. He was growling as he put his paws up on the bed. We (or at least I was) past the point of no return

lol.........woof lol annoying

how cute