He's is the love of my life... Cheers to 15 years + together in this life
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They are the best. I couldn't imagine being without my lil buddy.

I'd love to send you a pic of my Ellie, she had exactly the same Merl as yours.

Please do! He's 6 mos old. I got him while I was in Washington. I would love to see your Aussie.

I can't send you a picture, it won't let me add you.

Just message me

It won't let me.

Well actually that was assumption, there are all Merle dogs.. Merle corgi for one

How did you know she's an 'Aussie'?.

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Bless you, how gorgeous is your dog !, what a beautiful animal, I have four and love them all.

It's lovely that you still have him I lost mine at 17,14 and 13. I now have 2 19 months old black lab sisters thay are wonderful but thay could never replace the ones I lost

Love my best friend too! She's 10 now and it's just wow. The years go bye fast.