This is how she sleeps

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29 Responses Feb 29, 2016


That's cute:)

Such a cool pic :) The dog knows :D Would sleep like that myself ;D

What's that on the stand below the tv?

Aw your dog is so adorable.

Blue jeans, or a blanket?

I see boobs

You gotta post it with your cleavage don't you? :P cute pup though :)

Nice angle!

Theres a dog in that pic think I spent to much time trying to look under the pink part

Great position to sleep. She looks cozy and comfortable. Does he she claim that spot as her own?

Omg!!!! Looks exactly like my little chi boy!!😍😍😍

Ha! Adorable. My dog does the same thing sometimes...

Ya gotta love it. Dogs are so devoted

I'm jealous!

Clever way to sneak a pic of your chest into a public post on ep. Kinda.

Lucky dog?!


I have one thing to say: Damn her ears tho

This makes me laugh. All you people who see boobs have wild imaginations. What you actually see is a shadow under the blanket where there are very probably boobs. But the actual boobs are nowhere in site.


Lol.. That's harsh but so funny! XD

But so true. Yes. You know there are boobs because of the shadow, but seriously?????? We'd all know there were boobs if she were wearing a big sweat shirt and there were a couple of bumps in the right place, but would people be thinking they could see them?

I like your room! And she's adorable and those boobs though.

Lmao your boobs are fine

Too Cute.

cute dog lolol cleavage shot

haha cute, my dog sleep on her back feet in air taking up most of my bed, but then she is a german shep

Nice table/vase thingy in the corner of the room.

I mean every word!


That cleavage shot tho....👀

Maybe you can take the Kylie Jenner route

Cleavage? The dog is covered right up to her chin. How can you see cleavage?



you seem to have worn her out