I’m overweight, about 310 lbs. But I can’t be bothered with cooking or preparing meals these days. Yesterday I got my dinner from a row of gumball dispensers in the subway station; some of them have these malt balls or nuts, or jellybeans. Anyway, about eight dollars and fifty cents later and two-dozen handfuls did me for the evening. This morning I went into the Quickstop and picked up a two-pound bag of chocolates for breakfast and ate them on the bus on the way to work. Sometimes I get bored, so I spend my evenings at the Casino in front of the slot machines. I won a ten dollar jackpot yesterday, but I can’t recall what I put into those machines. Maybe about forty dollars. Anyway, it was a bit of excitement for the day
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Diabetes, here you come!

You know what grinds my gears? When people put their stories in the wrong categories -___-

Whats this got to do with having a dog?

Mebe they ate it