She just ran up and licked my belly button. What a weirdo. lmao
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My dog licks my eyes and sometimes drools in my eyes. It's so gross.

Lucky dog,,...😜

You must be very tasty! 😏

apparently my belly is. she ran up licked it and then ran off. lol

Same. It's a schnauzer.

I have 2 mini schmauzers, they are wonderful dogs!! My family!

That is actually kind of funny

Lmao...Your dog has a bellybutton fetish?

Why do dogs lick themselves in places I am not mentioning? Because they CAN. Trust me your belly button is not the weirdest place your dog has licked.

lmao. too true

We have four dogs, good news is that they are small, bad news is they are LOUD. They are delightful and they listen and are well behaved for the most part and there are few things nicer than a pile of happy wet noses and waggling tails.

I have one big 10 month old puppy. who has chewed on everything and doesn't listen worth a damn but she's full of love and I sure do love her

Wondering though, how she got your belly button!?

Love to chat, maybe you'll add me?

Funny, love my dogs,,,