She's a puppy named Lady Bug and she's so cute, black and white and tiny. She also loves balls, she'll bring them all to bed to sleep with!
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She is so cute, my friend has a puppy too same colour and she named her panda

Aww. Sucha cutie she is one!!!

I have a shitzue. She's a big suck. Buts she's adorable.

She sounds cute, what kind of puppy? I have a dog, when she was a puppy she was the cutest ever (to me ofc lol)

That's so adorable. What breed is she?

I'm not really sure, I think she's a mix of Jack Russell and Shitzu

Nice. I have a Jack Russell terrier. His name is luny.

Must be cute!

Oh yeah. He's a troublemaker though. He constantly digs in my backyard.

Mine will follow me everywhere and if I stop she'll bring every ball in that vicinity

Haha. How long have you had her?

Almost 2 years now

I've had luny for 5 months and scrappy for 7 years. My other dog Georgia died last April.

That sucks! My best friend's dog died last sunday

I'm so sorry. How long did he/she have the dog?

I have no clue, I think maybe 9 years

Wow. They must be absolutely devastated.

She was, I hated it

I know how she feels. I had to help my mom bury Georgia in our backyard. That was the worst day of my entire life.

I never had a bury a dog myself yet, but my parents have a dog that's about 12 years old

Poor thing. It must be about ready to go pretty soon.

She still jumps around and acts happy, but her legs shake like she can barely hold herself up

That's what happened to Georgia. Eventually she couldn't stand at all.

So sad...

Yeah. My mom told her it was OK to let go and that all dogs go to heaven and she died the next morning.

That must have been heart breaking :(

It was. I still cry when I see pictures of her on Facebook.

I'm sorry..

Thank you. She was more of my family than a pet.

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