Here's our annoying little Cockapoo puppy, Molly!

She never seems to keep still for photos, so this is all I could get of her that isn't blurred!

She's a happy little soul, nothing could dampen her spirits and her tail is always wagging.

It seems she likes to steal things out of bags and such, but she particularly likes to steal socks and shoes, which is really annoying sometimes!
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One of my dogs loves to take socks whether they're folded, laying around, or even on someone's feet! Haha but it's funny

If Molly ever had a toy to chew on in her mouth, she always leans it on people's shoes or feet!

Same for my dog hahaha, or she'll put it in your lap if you're sitting down

If you're sitting down, she seems to keep jumping up onto the sofa and landing on your crotch...

Oh wow hahaha that couldn't keep happening for my dog if she did that, she's 140lbs.

Owch... And I thought Molly was bad...

Haha how much does she weigh?

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My brother's little chorkie rarely stayed still for photos, either.

I have about 20 different photos with her playing with other dogs and all the other dogs where completely visible, but Molly was always blurred! That's why we came up with the idea she was a vampire dog


I have a chihuahua named Molly!

Really? I have a Cockapoo named Molly!

Aww crap...

Lol, sorry, I'm dumb

Haha, it's ok:D

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Hey you've got a cockapoo just like me (well i have two)

Really? What colours?

One of them is a similar color to the alcohol baileys and the other is black and white

Aww! They sound adorable!

One of them is the most adorable dog on earth because he so stupid

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