I'm a total cat person. I begged my bf for a cat and he refused on the grounds that it's against our lease agreement. then he brings home a juvenile, female, boxer dog. he works all day so I have to take care of her. she's not trained to pee outside, she chews up everything, she jumps, she barks, she stinks, and tracks in mud and dirt. now my bf tells me that I have to use the pooper scooper and clean up all her **** from the backyard. I didn't even want this dog! I mean, I like her alright but she's so much work and I'm just not a dog person. is my bf a jackass or am I just being a *****? I'm not mean to her or anything. I wanted a kitty :(
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For me your bf is definitely at fault, but if i were you i would do my best to train the boxer because you never know. maybe after this dog u will be a dog lover just like me.

Your bf is a jackass. He doesn't want a cat. Fine. He should not have brought up the lease agreement if he was going to be so cavalier about it when it came to his own desire for a dog. If you two are living together, getting a dog should have been something you both agreed on. He's not treating you like a partner. He's just expecting you to do what you're told, and to do the work of taking care of a dog, which was a responsibility he unilaterally signed up for.

The whole thing reeks of immaturity. You're right to be upset. Insist on being treated as a partner in the relationship with your own wants and control over your own time and responsibilities, and not his subordinate.

Your bf is a jackass.

Wow, the wife or the dog? Can I have a moment?

* tries to find the flaw in the girlfriend and dog theory...

Jackass 1 B!tch 0

I am a dog person, but you have a valid gripe, its not fair on you for him to get a dog and leave it for you to deal with. He will have all the fun stuff and you all the crappy stuff. Thats not healthy for you or the poor dog.

Listen to CyborgBetty

Well not kitty in the house no kitty in the bed I would say.

using sex as leverage? women do that? lol

It takes a tiny rudder to steer a boat

Wait so its ok for him to Break The lease by getting a dog? But you can't do the same for a cat? That's totally hypocritical. There's no reason why you have to abide by the lease and he doesn't.

First and foremost you have a child and doing something that breaks the lease is irresponsible and not acceptable when you have a child. Your boyfriend is an irresponsible moron. You could be evicted. Your child could be homeless because he wanted a dog.

Honestly I think you should find a nice home for the dog. The bottom line is if your lease says you can't have animals it doesn't matter what either of you want.

And your boyfriends a **** on two accounts. One for treating you like **** and telling you you can't have a cat, and more importantly for all of the above regarding the lease.

Also the dog needs to be trained. If HE won't train HIS dog than he can't have a dog. That's just animal abuse.

I am angry about it but he and Jade love the dog..

If he loved the dog, he would train it for the safety of everyone. Not just you, but your son and him. He would care for it. So no, he doesn't love it.

Sorry, I mean your child.

daughter lol

Them loving the dog doesn't make it ok. In fact he's teaching your daughter that it's ok to get a pet and not take care of it. And that is definatly not ok. Loving an animal means training it and taking care of it yourself, not dumping that responsibility on someone else. I don't think he loves the dog as much as he thinks he does.

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Aside from the brazen hypocrisy on his part I don't see much of a problem. Eventually it'll be trained -hopefully- and the most you'll have to worry about is walking it if you don't want to pick up a minefield of crap.

me taking care of this dog is a problem. I don't want to.

Sure, that's understandable.

It's against your lease agreement to have a cat, but not a dog? I've lived in apartments before and it's usually both, not one or the other.

no we're breaking the lease agreement by having the dog.

Huh, I feel like a cat would be easier to hide than a dog. In fact, when I lived in an apartment, I specifically got a cat instead of a dog because cats are easier to hide.

Anyway, either way, I think your boyfriend is being a jerk. That is, of course, if you've actually communicated with him about this. If you've talked to him about how you're not a dog person, and you feel like you're taking care of an animal you didn't even want, and he still insists that he was right to get a dog, then he's being a jerk. I don't condone getting rid of an animal you've adopted, but he should at least step up and take care of the dog that he wanted.

yeah he knows how I feel. I've tried not to be a huge nag because I know there's not much I can do about it and he loves the stupid thing.. I feel bad. like a mother that doesn't want her child lol.

Well, dogs can be trained. Maybe, in time, you'll learn to love the dog. I wasn't a cat person, until I got a cat.

I used to like dogs. I had dogs that I absolutely loved when I was a kid. I'm just old and crabby now. they're too much work.

Haha dogs are a lot of work. Honestly, I think it's incredibly unfair that you're taking care of a dog that you didn't even want. I don't think I'd let that slide, but that's me. Regardless, if you (or your boyfriend) are willing to put in the work, dogs are amazing companions.

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