I have a dog too, her name is CC , she always gets into my trash when I'm at work, or she will chew up all kinds of things, my makeup :( my shoes , paper, anything! Idk how to make her stop :(
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Take an old makeup case and put Cayenne pepper in it and leave it out , take a chewed up shoe and give it a swat than tie it to her caller for the day your gone ... Or you can buy chew toys and raw hide treat or some kinda treats that make the jaws sour so it will hide them in the house, change its routine

hahaha, I have a Shepherd beagle mix that dos the same thing. I have trash cans with lids to prevent them from going through trash and put up anything you wan to save from being eaten. chewing is usually just a phase they go through as puppies. provide bones and lots of chew toys. there is a company that makes a Everlasting treat ball. that works wonders.

Back in the 80s my then girlfriend and I had a dog that would do that sort of thing when left alone. We started leaving the audio of a TV channel on when we left. He stopped. Eventually, we didn't have to.

What does she have to do while you are working? Chewing is most likely boredom, so maybe give her some toys to play with (switch them round occasionally so she doesn't get bored) and a bone to gnaw on while you are away.

I know some people hire people to take their dogs for walks while at work. people get in trouble because of boredom also, only difference is we choose to do something bad, dogs just do what comes natural to them lol