Our Furry Son Riley

We have a dog. He is a gorgeous big and bouncy rottweiler called Riley. Black and tan with a tail and he is 21 months old. His most favourite things to do are eating, sitting on the sofa in front of the window so he can bark at anyone who walks past, and having a good run while out on a walk. He loves fresh chicken and toast! He is such a big presence in our house and we dont know wot we'd do without him- especially at this difficult time as we have just lost our other beautiful rottweiler tia and he is helping us carry on with life. He can be very naughty at times like when he sneaks upstairs and pushes open the bathroom door and runs off with the toilet paper to shred into a thousand peices. And socks..leave socks around anywhere and your sure to find them on rileys bed. We love him to bits and wouldnt be without him- we would give anything to still have tia with us aswell.

myangelsforever myangelsforever
46-50, F
Nov 15, 2009