My Beautiful Whippet

 She is the most elegant, beautiful, caring creature - her eyes tell you this...

I love her...


wildernessgirl wildernessgirl
8 Responses Dec 6, 2009

You write very well for a drunk Cg!

CG - I think you sound like you know your whippets ;) Ours isn't destructive at all but she does rub her nose in my shrubs occasionally, eats mulberries from the tree when we are picking and buries bones in the veggy patch. I'd have another if I was allowed.

Sometimes I don't think we deserve such a beautiful dog. She is so so loyal and on busy days, such as today, she must feel so unloved :(

She looks great, very loving, thanks for sharing

I wish everyone could meet her. <br />
<br />
Thanks Jo.

She looks so endearing, and keep clicking. Her eyes are particularly gentle. Thanks for the photo.

Thanks Lil :)<br />
<br />
TM, for some reason I can imagine you with a ferret ;) Miss Whippet is very sweet. She barks only on very special occasions (about once or twice a year) and is terrified of our fireplace and thunder, sits funny and is a guts, but we still love her.

Thank-you Faucs and Lauren. She can maintain 80km per hour for a few secs! I know this because she has chased after our car as it heads up the driveway!