Heartbroken... my Puppy Died Yesterday

 My fiancee and I got a mini husky almost two years ago. He is a wonderful dog and we love him very much, but he is a city dog and does not have a yard to play outside. We took him to the dog park almost everyday, but he still seemed sad and lonely. We decided to get another dog early this past summer after I had a miscarriage. There was a sale sad feeling in the air, we needed to change the mood surrounding us. We decided to get another dog for our puppy to play with to lift our spirits and complete our little family. 

We went to the website of the breeder where we got our first dog and found there was another dog (5 mnths old) who had been "returned" to the breeder after his owner was unable to keep pets. We fell in love with him immediately. 

Harpua came to us in NYC from Texas one week after we saw his beautiful smile on the webpage. He and our other dog Wiley were instant best friends. Wiley totally came to life when Harpua arrived - we all did. He was the answer we needed when we were at our lowest. He was so full of life, so happy! Always wagging his tail with a huge smile on his face. He had big blue eyes like his brother. Everyone in the neighborhood knew them as "the twins" and loved them just as much as we did.

Yesterday morning I was trying to sleep in past 8am (for once) but Harpua was RESTLESS- he got hold of the toilet paper and tore it all up all over my bed while I was trying to sleep, then peed on the floor. I was so angry at him! He knows better than that! There is a balcony terrace off my bedroom where the dogs play everyday. We leave the terrace door open for them to play since, as I said we live in the city. I shut the door so they wouldn't run through the pee while I grabbed the mop. Harpua was standing at the door looking so sad and barking because I had shut him outside but I ignored him, and even yelled at him to be quiet, my fiancee cleaned the mess while I did a few dishes. I came back a few mins later to let the dogs back inside (they were out there for about 10 mins total) but when I opened the door only Wiley came in....I peeked my head outside and didn't see Harpua on the terrace...

I thought my fiancee had let Harpua inside alone and became angry and slightly panicked. I yelled to him "Did you let Harpua in!?" he said no and came running- he ran outside and looked down then started to cry and said that he was down in the ally beneath our building. I ran outside and saw my baby laying there still on a plank of wood in the ally. We ran downstairs but it was too late, he was gone.

We lost him immediately, he was in no pain. Neither of us know how he could have jumped the terrace wall... I am completely devastated. My little bundle of life, so full of love and happiness. Always smiling, always happy, who loved us all so much. I have never felt a sadness like this before. My fiancee and I have been somewhat zombie-like since the accident, and Wiley has perched himself on the chair by the (CLOSED!) window staring outside, barely moving from his perch. 

I know it wasn't my fault, it was an accident we could not have avoided, but still- I feel I am to blame.. and I am kicking myself over and over again for not evening saying good morning to him. I was so angry with him from the moment I woke up until moments before his death. I cannot believe this has happened. He fell 6 stories down into AN ALLY! I feel so irresponsible, so lost and so FREAKING sad.


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So Sad.

sorry to hear about your pet ,so sad .Sometimes things happen .<br />
You will never forget your pet and you will also never let anything like that happen again.<br />
I know it's a bit since it happened .Hopefully you have moved on .<br />
Have you got another mate for Wiley yet.

omg just hearbreaking..i've always been the one who let the dogs do what they want but i learned the hard way that a well trained dog is a safe happy dog one who responds immediately to the owners commands..for their safety and others. i own lab mix and full pit bull..

my dog died a year agao,we went to the grand canyon, and i was takeing him on a walk, and i turn around for only a minut, ans turn back to find him chasing a rabbet near the canoyon edge. i screamed for him to come back, but i was too late, i heard a terrifyed yelp, and then he dissipeared into the caynon. i almost wanted to throw myself over too. he was my pride and joy because i had gotten him 7 years before right after i gave birth to a still born, i blame myself still, even now. <br />
<br />
R.I.P<br />
Spottie<br />
Gone But Not Forgotton.

I recently had a friend who just had got married and decided to go camping with their two dogs. One a small dog and the other a large bass hound. Somehow not being leashed the two dogs ran away. The couple searched for days but never found them, after going home he blamed her for losing the dogs and not keeping them on leashes. The next week they got a call saying the two dogs were found on the side of road. Now they are getting a divorce as everytime they fight he brings it up and it hurts her so bad cause as your story it was a accident. So I pray for your lost loved one. I hope you and your fiancee can get by this and celebrate a beautiful life together!!

I feel sad for you and i know what you are feeling. I have a 10 year old lab cross myself. She is sick at the moment. She is swollen all over her body, the vet says she is producing milk and that it is a false pregancy. It is rare but it happens. She is not allowed to go on our long(15 km)walks anymore until she gets better. She is also producing milk and her mammory glands have become infected. The vet says there is hope but it will be a long road. I told the vet I don't care if I eat ketchup sandwhichs for the next six months, I will be there for her. Sleepy, came to me unexpectly in 2000 when I needed her most. I owe her and I will be there for her. She used to be so active but now she can barely go out to pee and poo. She does seem a little better each day though. I love her so much it hurts.

Poor little Harpua, it sounds like he will leave a horrid, empty space in all your hearts. I feel so devastated for you.