My Puppy

As a little girl I often longed for a Puppy, about twice in my childhood do I remember actually having a dog. So like most children I kept pestering my mom for a dog and at the time most places we lived did not allow dogs on the property for different reasons depending on were we were living at that point in time. Another major reason my mother was not fond of the idea of having a dog or any pet for that matter was there was the expenses for the dog plus her and her four children. The dog also required lost of time and patients which more mother unfortunately did not have at the point in time. Later in life the option for cats came in to play. For one fact cats were not as loud and the did not require as much care as dogs did and at that time were we lived cats were allowed. me of course stuck to my guns and pestered for a while that I was not fond of cats. My mother on the other hand was fonder of the idea of a cat instead of a cat. A lot through out my life there were many cats in and out of my life. The reason behind my hatred for cats was they were to smart and there claws to me were a sign of danger. My mother however stood her ground and said cat or nothing. We ended up with a cat that stayed with us for a while. When I began to get older my desire for a cat grew with me and as soon as I Moved out I wanted to make it my goal that I would get a dog. This goal as expected was put on hold for a long while. Then the burning desire to get a dog came back to haunt me. At this point in my life a dog was not the best thing to get, but me wanting this dog so bad made me go down and get a little pit bull boxer. Only a couple weeks after I had gotten this very hyper active dog had I become so overwhelmed with the demands of this dog that I had no other choice to take it back. Even in my heart knowing that this poor helpless animal could get killed because of my selfish act, it was still better than being home all alone for hours. A couple years later when my life had seemed to be calm enough for a dog, I went back to the shelter and found a dog that would not mind being alone for 4 hours a day. I named this dog Lacy and we became the best of Friends, to this day I still have Lacy and she has had 2 Little puppies of her own. Maci and Casey are her puppies and I had wanted to keep them because she was very attached to them. I love telling this story because it fills me with comfort knowing that this all worked out pretty well all in all.

Bbyg978 Bbyg978
13-15, F
Feb 8, 2010