My Little Biggie Smalls

he's a jack russell terrier and prolly my best friend. he's getting older now and calming down though he still has his psycho moments that jacks are known for. i adopted him the day after i broke up with my gf (the first time). i didn't even plan on getting a dog that day. i just wanted to look at puppies b/c i was sad and animals tend to cheer me up. all the other dogs were wagging their tails and smiling (i so believe dogs can smile)...but not bigs. he was laying down..looking up at me w/ those sad puppy dog eyes. yep, it was love at first sight. i really couldnt afford the adoption fee or the vet bill at the time but i took him home anyway. a few bills went unpaid that month but my little man got everything he needed plus a few extras. he was happy and he made me happy, being alone in the city didn't seem so horrible after he came into my life. now, a year and a half later, when i lost everything, including my job and my apartment i still have bigs. i may be single again, i may be living w/ my parents again in the country..i may be feeling very depressed right now, but i still got my best friend and i know i'll aways have him.

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:) most def so thanks for commenting

Lovely to hear about the hapiness Bigs has brought you. Dogs CAN smile!! :)