My 3 Babies

sandi (the little terrior) is spoiled rotten. she will put her back to you and tell you that she wants to be scratched, and she won't leave you alone till you do. asia (the red mut) she is the most clusty dog i have. asia can trip goin down the stairs, it's pretty funny. i even got her to chew gum one time and she didn't eat it either, she sat there and chewed it for about 20 minutes. when she was a puppy she would come peek her head in the doorway and when she would turn around (it would never fail) she'd wind up banging her head on the doorway. she's the funniest out of all of my dogs. desarea is the prettiest. she's a white (with a tan tint) huskey-paranesse. she loves to talk to you. whenever you say something to her she will role on her back and start howling (well sort of) she always has a response though.

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Feb 21, 2010