I Have 2 Dogs And I Have An Interesting Story

I have a dog that is 13 years old and one thats 4 years old.  My 13 year old dog is so nice and her name is abby.  abby is a golden retriever and is very strong.  Abby does not beg and never fights any dogs, and doesn't think that shes all that.  Now my other dog Cloe is a beast.  She is a peekapoo and yes it does exist-look it up!  She always follows her mommy and over protects her.  Chloe and abby are excactly opposite.  Chloe is mean, abby is nice.  Chloe follows her mommy, abby doesnt.  Chloe begs for food, abby doesnt.  Chloe HATES people, abby loves people.  Chloe thinks she is the queen of the house and abby doesnt.  Chloe is small, abby is big. Chloe is a dark color and abby is a light color. Chloe hates my cat, abby loves my cat.  NOW doesnt that seem so weird!!! they are excactly opposite.  Chloe is soo mean and thinks she is tuff and thinks she is a princess.  When it is 9 a clock at night and i get 10 feet away from her she will get pissed.  And whenever someone comes to the door she will bark untill they are blocks away.  She will go up to moms bedroom and hide under her bed.  Ther is only ONE person this dog can trust and that is one of my neighbors. He has came over so much that he willl greet him like mom. and trust me when mom comes home she will run around bark in an annoying sound and whimper.  Chloe will let her mom put her on her back and put her booties on her and they will cuttle at night.  Chloe will sleep with my mom and whenever my dad gets up, the dog will go over and just take his spot as if she was bigger than us. This dog has bit me on the lip before, and rip a part of my cats ear off. 

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Is Chloe a rescue or something or did you just not train her?

loved your post and thanks for sharing... now, abby is a retriever , the best dog ever, they live for YOU, their owner, your little cloe is a designer dog, and yes they do believe they are the ONE and only...lol