I have a Cocker Spaniel named Oreo. She's redarded! Seriously... When she was a puppy, my dad had a piece of plexy glass and he would throw her ball over it and she would take off running and she'd hit it head first. She did that so many times, over and over again. I swear that's the beginner of the brain damage... I blame my dad. So now, since she's a Cocker Spaniel, she got her tale clipped as a puppy and she only has a stub. But the most entertaining thing is that if you make a farting noise, or if my brother plays his trombone, she will run around in circles and chase her tail. She'll keep spinning round and round until A) she runs into a wall, or B) she sees her food. I swear she's ADD too. She fits well in our family. =)

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Lol, she sounds like a fun dog :)

Poor thing!

Hahaha poor dog. Oreo is so cute though :) Go TROMBONE Pla<x>yerS!!

I heard somewhere thats it's not good for dogs to chase their tales like that, but anyway, I feel sorry for your Oreo bumping her head ,lbut I can also see the love you have for her