I'm A Dog, Not A Moron!

I just have to ask this, 'cause it drives me crazy. Why do people use baby talk with their dogs? It's so annoying! Geez, I can't imagine being the dog, must be embarrassing in front of his friends. How would YOU like some weirdo coming up to you when you're asleep, roll you over, start tickling your stomach and call you woogy bear? Would you not be mortified? What if your gf or your bf were there watching? Embarrrassing, yes?

Do unto others, people. Dogs aren't stupid, so don't treat 'em like it. Affection is one thing, humiliation another. And how would you like it if I shaved off all your hair and stuffed you into a pink leotard? Huh?
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2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

We don't really baby talk our pup here. I mean we do a little bit. I'll pet him and say "How's my baby boy doin?" and he seems to enjoy it bc he smiles and wags his tail. As long as your not like obnoxious about it like "hello, little pooky bear. woogy woogy woo!" and then it continues from there with some weird words that dont even make sense.... "wabu wubu baby poo poo" or something.

LOLOL!!!!!!! Funny post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!