Leon Is Recovering From Surgery

Leon is our Newfoundland/border collie. His ligament ruptured because of hip dysplasia and the surgery was to correct the hip dysplasia. He had to stay in one room for six weeks, apart from trips to the toilet. (I couldn't carry him outside!) Now he can go for a 5 minute walk twice a day, and this will gradually increase. I walk our chug, Lucy separately, so I go for four walks a day. It is time-consuming but they are happy. I used always to walk them off-leash in the forest or at the beach and am hoping we can get back to that. The surgeon said that the other leg will rupture at some stage, and we'll have to go through it all again... what we do for love of our dogs eh?

splash64 splash64
61-65, F
Mar 8, 2010