Me And My Life

wazzup this is my storie i am 14 and i love to play with my 7 dogs my puppies names are reces cup,blacky,bj,shaggy my other dogs rock preshise and tuf.

i hunt ride bikes and fourwheelers dirtbikes and go carts im currently taken by by a sweet girl called alyssa but it probly wnt last. my heros are my mom the great lord my grandpa grandma my great grampa wich has passed bout a year and a half ago my uncle jff my aunt gloria and my cousin jamie my mom and step dad split up he hasent cared 2 see me or my two sisters.  

         but tht dnt realy bother me i dnt have a true dad but many father figures. thts my story bout me.


the story about my life i grew up in a small toun in south caralina i been in 96 shools most of my life i wose a good kid but i got moved 2 a difrent school and started getting in trouble now im stuck in a alternitive school for a couple of months. i have many freins put i could have more but i treated them wrong my bithday is september 1 95 ther is my life as i can rember of it                                                                    

shaggpuppie shaggpuppie
13-15, M
Mar 8, 2010