My Belaruse turned 1 year old on February 8th. She is tied for the most amazing dog I have ever had. (the tie is actually with her father) She was an accident puppy. My brother in law was watching our dogs for us last fall and he took them over to his mothers house (where she has a breeding pair of Maltese) to run around on their farm. Little did he know that Kozmo had not been fixed yet. Then in February we get this HORRIFIC call from my mother in law about how we ruined this litter of pups. (she had thought she was getting a pure bred Maltese litter) I thought it was funny and immediately called dibs on any little girl puppy. (by then we had Kozmo fixed) Belaruse (Bella) is named after the Russian tractor and she is the light of my life!

By the way, I hate that my mother in law breeds her dogs. She originally had a Min-Pin female and then sought out a male to breed her with. That is how we ended up with Spike! And if you want to get down to it... Kozmo. My husband ended up caring for and becoming the owner of the male Min-Pin that she bought and he had claims on a boy from Spikes last litter and that little boy is my beloved Kozmo. My husband gave him to me as a present. So I have a wonderful family tree right in my own lap! Bella; daughter of Kozmo. Kozmo; son of Spike. and Spike.

IvaAppleBlossom IvaAppleBlossom
26-30, F
Mar 10, 2010