Penny And Pip..................................................and Captain(rip)

Captain was my first dog,a wonderful and loyal pet,he was a black and white welsh Border Collie,sadly missed after passing away at the age of 13 years,his loss was equal to loosing a loved one god how i doted on that beautiful dog.Currently i have Penny 16 years old and Pip 3 yeaqrs old.Ilove them boyh deeply however its hard to watch such a loved one Penny grow so old,she is very deaf now and has little vision,however she appears happy and i am doing all i can with ffood and medication to keep her well..i love Penny so much.Pip is a fit fine young buck continuing my fav breed of Border Collie,so active and vigorous and a very gentle sole.i love my dogs with all of my heart and long may it continue........Garvan

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Thank you for such sweet comments,Bless You.

I have had animals i have loved and miss too dear :) All we can do is know that we gave them the best care and all the love we had to give. They are in pet heaven and we will see them again some day. It is a blessing to them and to you that you are sharing that love again with your current pets. I think of the past ones as pet angels. Border collies are beautiful dogs. My uncle always fancied collies too :) They have such sweet and expressive faces and eyes. xox

Couldn't agree more,thank you.

Yes,plenty of wildlife is vastly more knowledgeable than the average oerson would believe.

Ilove animals,better than 99-999999999999999% of humans,+i could not be without a dog,they bring so much in2 ur life+dont let u down (seriously)+1 ofmy best things is walking countryside with robby +hardly a human in sight.i also like 2 feed crows.i look out 4 them when out with robby+always have bread wiv me 2 give them.they r extremely intelligent+it doesnt take long 4 them 2 recognise u+more 2 the point,know u have bread 4 them.i find it so gratifying 2 watch their trust grow in u+they will allow u the honour of a closer approach than others.notice how almost all animals in the wilds 1st reaction on seeing a human is 2 put as much space btween them asap.i think that speaks volumes 4 our species.pass the bucket.

A Parrot,something I have been pondering over for some time now whether to add one to my family of animals.

We all have to face the reality of mortality.<br />
When wadopt an animal companion we should understand the typical lifespan so we can prepare to say good bye.<br />
I believe my Nanday Conure (medium sized parrot) will outlive me and so preparations have been made to have him cared for until he dies in his natural time

Thank you for shating with me,muxh appreciated,best wishes.

I was about to go catch the bus to work and saw a border collie cross wandering down the road, I grabbed her and put her in my yard with my own dog also a border collie cross. Anyway to cut a long story short she ended up staying with us after we were unable to find her owner. We think she was about 2 years old when I found her and we had her for just over 16 years. A wonderful loyal dog till the end. We also had a kelpie for 14.5 years.<br />
<br />
Currently we have a dog that we were told would be medium size but ended up a big dog who is 6 and we got a give away dog who was 1 year old at the time so coming up 2 mid year. So much for give away he costed us a fortune with immunising, micro-chipping and de-sexing but was well worth it, a very loving little feller he is.<br />
<br />
We have adored all of our pets no matter how long we have had them as they are all part of the family

I hope Penny is happy for a long time yet, it is so hard when we have to say goodbye to them. I'm glad Pip is continuing the tradition. I have an 8 year old Border Collie cross at the moment, they are very gentle, intelligent dogs. :)