A Little Bit Of My Tia Back..

I wanted to share with everyone my new beautiful puppy girl ruby. We got her 3 weeks ago and she is 11 weeks old now. What makes her even more special than she already was is she is the neice of my precious rottwieler tia who i lost last november. It was purely by chance that we even knew she had been born.  We emailed our breeder and asked if she was likely to be having any new litters in the future and she replied back that she had 1 puppy left from a litter born 2 days before christmas, and that she was the neice if tia. Of course we had to have her. She is a beautiful,  little fat furry bundle of mischief just like her aunty was. Ruby will never replace tia....we wouldnt want her too! The only thing we can be sure of is she will get the same amount of love, she will be so cared for, will never be cold or hungry, as we gave her aunty. We miss tia so much and would give anything to have her back and its a comfort to know that in a small way we have a little bit of tia  back..

myangelsforever myangelsforever
46-50, F
Mar 13, 2010