Let's Put It This Way

I have more than one dog?  I have four, and they are my children, since the doctor said, I couldn't't have any.  I have a peke, and he is the oldest, he's fifteen, and I love him since I had him as a puppy.  Then, there's Risky, he just turn three, this past Nov. '09.  And he's a Shitz Zu.  and he walks as proud, and he's daddy's buddy.  He's always at my feet, and goes on patrol, when I go, check on the neighborhood.  Then, there's Sugar, but I call her "Sugar Bear", and I got her from a friend of mine, how wanted to find her a new home.  She, sleeps with me every night, and at the head of the bed, and she wants me to help her up, but I have stairs, beside the bed just for her.  I think she's about five years old?  And then, there's Sophie, she's a mix of everything, I guess?  But, she isn't't a year old, yet till next month, and she is already pregnant, and the puppies, will be born in my bed, but I hope not.  She's getting Huge!  She eats, like there's no tomorrow, and I wish, and hope, everything happens when I am around, just for safety sake.  I don't want nothing to happen to my grandchildren(ha ha).  But I love, all the same, they eat good, have plenty of fresh water, and sure can tear up a house, when I am not around.   They, are my security and blankets, when I am cold, which is not often.   They are my babies......I have had over fifty of dogs, 10 cats, tropical fish, monkey, parrot, finches, parakeets, rabbits, snakes, and even a spider( this was my dad's), cause I, cannot stand spiders, unless they are in the garden.

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Hey, darling, how are you this evening? I hope all s well in your diaper? I did a load this morning, and it was huge. It spread all over the bottom of my jeans, an into the front area, and I got off three times with myself. But, sadly enough, I am washing clothes, now!!! I had thirteen pairs of jeans in the wash, but I have a extra pair of jeans (20), morw if I get the urge to go! Happy Pooping! Talk to you soon, dear.

Woof x four!!