My Dog Spike...

Spike was a stray pit bull, about four months old, wandering around our neighborhood last september. My mom and brother were coming home from an NA meeting, and the dog was spotted scratching at our garage door. As they pulled up, he ran away. Knowing how much I love dogs, they told me about seeing him when they got inside. I went outside to sit on the porch, and my mom followed. The afore mentioned dog was sitting in the street in front of our house staring at the two of us. I crouched down on my feet and stuck out my hands out towards the dog while making kissing noises and shouting "here boy" a couple of times. The dog looked at me, cocked his head, and ran full speed in my direction, his goofy tongue hanging out as he nearly fell over his big clumsy feet.  He jumped up on my chest a little bit, and began licking my face as i pet him. From that moment on I was absolutely in love with this dog.

Something about me is that I have an overactive imagination. What could that possibly have to do with my dog? Hold on, I'll tell you. See, a little over a year before I got this dog, I had a really good friend named KC. He was an absolutely horrid person. He was way too old to be hanging around some one my age. He was a good five years older than me, and I was thirteen when we met. He had done some terrible things to me and people I cared about. But no matter what I did (and I did some pretty unforgivable things), he was always there for me. He might not have been the best person to be there for me, but he was the only person stepping up to the plate. A few months before I never saw him again, he started to tell me that he was in love with me, and that we should be together. Well, I knew what kind of boyfriend he was, and that was not something I was interested in. Not to mention, I was positive that this was just a ploy to get into my pants. I ignored him, and started to avoid him. Eventually I moved across town and didn't bother to tell him. Then, he killed himself. That was it. I didn't get to go to the funeral. I never cried over him. He haunts me to this day.

Well, here's where the overactive imagination part comes in. I became convinced that my dog, Spike, my precious puppy, was really KC reincarnate here to make sure I have to spend a long time with him, and that I enjoy it in the process. It didn't hinder my love for him, and it was a thought I frequently dismissed as paranoid or something.  But I always wondered. Well, it doesn't matter anymore anyhow. Spike turned out to be rather violent. He jumped our fence and attacked two dogs. Animal Control took him and my mom decided it was best for the neighborhood if we let him get put down.


RIP Spike, my baby

I love you. .

ejordan ejordan
18-21, F
Mar 14, 2010