Have You Ever Met Your Doppelganger? I Have. Met My Doppelganger, That Is.

Three years ago, i stayed in New York City for the summer. Queens to be precise. Just outside Manhattan. It was the “most racially diverse postcode in the USA”.

Anyway, after a while I noticed that this would happen to me on a recurring basis: a Romanian immigrant would accost me on the street and start talking in Romanian to me. In a very familiar manner. Like I was their old pal. And when i spoke English to them they would recoil in horror. I wasn’t HIM!

It slowly dawned on me that I must have looked very much like a Romanian somewhere in the neighborhood. Oh well.

Then one day i was walking down the street and there HE was. And he looked just like me. it was like looking in a mirror. a Romanian mirror. And it was very unsettling. Scary. I pretty much ran away.

But I have to say, those Romanians are a handsome bunch!
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

!!! ..haha..

I thought the Doppel had to do with a "ghostly" twin. Hmmm, I'll have to check into this more. Interresting story! I esp. like that last statement.... clever! ;)

To be honest I never heard of the term until Cillian Murphy referred to it in a interveiw. Yes I have told there are few of me running around and I too have been mistaked for anothers one. Kind of amusing. I just hope all mine are in legitimate enterprises.