Major Drama Queen Daughter, Now 23

I have a major drama queen for a daughter. Ever since she was little she's always talked back to me, was very disrespectful at times, skipped school a lot from when she turned about 14, and she gets herself pregnant at 16 on purpose. She's now 23, her kid's been taken off her, she does drugs, is promiscuous, and so on, every parent's worst nightmare. I have been trying to have an adult relationship with her since the baby was born (he is now 6) and it's had it's ups and downs. She has still got a BIG mouth towards a lot of people (sometimes Im on the receiving end of it). She can be downright rude and cause a fuss wherever she goes. For example, 90% of the time when we go out for lunch or a meal she ends up complaining to the waitress about the food or the service, even at places like McDonalds she gets bitchy if something is not to her liking. It's really embarrassing. Worst thing is, people take her complaints seriously. How many times she's got a replacement meal or a free meal, based on complaints from her that are not genuine. She really is a drama queen. I no longer go out to eat with her anymore because of it.

Every job she's ever had has only lasted about 4 weeks or less. Her big mouth gets her in trouble, she doesnt understand you start somewhere at the bottom and cant order people around and complain about this and that. The last job she had she got fired after a week for discussing the wages and whether "it was even legal" (the amount the job paid) and this was a large well known company. She got overheard by her manager and was told she doesnt fit in with the company culture, was told to leave on the spot.

She has had loud arguments at her old apartment with her (now ex) boyfriend, despite warnings etc. for disturbing the peace.She was evicted from the last place she was living before this, for being really rude and disrespectful towards the landlord, demanding this and that and he wasn't the sort to take her sh!t.

She is now currently in an off-phase with me where Im bearing the brunt of her cattyness. I am tired of this drama queen of a daughter. I dont really like her very much at all.
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Hmmm...<br />
I had an only son that was a nice little boy until he was about eleven or twelve, when - unbeknownst to us parents, he started getting in with "the wrong crowd" at intermediate school, and got out the window at night and cruised around the town until the early hours of the morning. As you can imagine, he got into more and more trouble, until we became aware of it; and by then he was a teenager and determined to "do his own thing", regardless.<br />
<br />
So I have some idea of what you might be going through.<br />
My son is married, 40, and a bit more settled and responsible... so they can come right in the end - and I hope your daughter has some salutary experience which assists her to review her ways for you!<br />
<br />
Best wishes!