I Feel Like We Are Poor

"I feel like we are POOR" followed by wahhhhh. I first heard this line a few months after my step daughter moved in with us 2 yrs ago.  She was 8 at the time and was referring to how we didn't buy her enough clothes.  Her closet was full at the time and really she didn't like the fact that we didn't buy her clothes every weekend like when she lived with grandma and grandpa.  I laughed the first time I heard this cause I thought it was cute.  However when this line repeated itself every so often when our little one didn't get the exact shoes/toy/clothes amounts that she wanted I started to get sick of it.  Just today after I picked her up from school she threw a huge temper tantrum, yelling, screaming, and crying along with the famous line all because she doesn't have snow pants and she wants them this instant, knowing fully well, She had to go to her after school activities and she as well as I are very busy during the week. She asked when we could go and I said next time we are out we will get her snow pants, she proceeded with the crying.  I reminded her that two weeks earlier when presented with the opportunity to buy them she refused and told me she didn't want them and how just this past Saturday while we were out buying her clothes, she didn't ask for any snow pants.  The fuss never stopped even with all these little reminders.  So I dropped her off and told her she can discuss this further with her dad cause she is through discussing it with me.  URRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.  So frustrating and she is like this with everything. 

I once made the mistake of telling her that I didn't like one of her friends because she is disrespectful and she seems to always break, or spill or ruin something every time she comes over....  Her reaction was insane, she cried and went to her dad, and when her dad agreed with me, she went crazy.  Screeming and finally we just had to tell her we love the girl.

Of course homework is also a huge reason for one of her meltdowns... And god forbid we ever tell her that she can't go to a friends house because she was just there yesterday for like 5 hrs...  Oh we would never hear the end of it.  Of course, the only reason that I can maintain my cool is I know my husband has my back.  And that she knows dad will not be too patient with the attitude.  Now what I really worry about is when she becomes a teen and starts getting more interested in boys.  God help us.

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Well, thank heavens your SO backs you up. That's half the battle right there. As she gradually learns that she can't play one against the other, hopefully she'll settle down.<br />
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We have to keep in mind though that she just majorly changed environments, is that not so? I know it was 2 years ago, but still.<br />
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Anyway, hugs and kisses and establishing strong ground rules will go far. Good luck to you! :)