I Have The Nose Of A Bloodhound

My supersnoot as my husband calls it can be very annoying to other people and to myself also, but I have found that it has saved us thousands of dollars in damages over the years.

I will give you the short version of some of my experiences.

I have found 4 water leaks in my home BEFORE the water had time to do damage.  I could smell it. My husband thought I was crazy.

I smelled an electrical malfunction in our wall before it started a fire.  My husband never smelled a thing. (just last week)

I can smell a pincher bug if it is within 4 ft of me.

I think I can smell a snake, but it is sudden and random when I see them, but I always spot them in the most hard to see settings so I think my sense of smell gives me a heads up to look around.

I too can taste what I smell.  My daughter thinks I'm am nuts.

I can smell and taste a freshly plowed field while driving down the road before we have reached the evidence.  I will announce I smell and taste dirt!

Same with someone burning leaves or bonfires.  I can smell it before I see it.

I can identify what the girls in my office are cooking for lunch in the microwave with the door closed and me in another part of the office.

My husband has to use all unscented products because deodorant, shaving creme, lotion all make me sick if they have a scent.  He even had to switch soap and toothpaste to a scent I could tolerate.

I can't go inside a subway restaurant unless I am going straight home and take a shower and wash my hair.  There is an ingredient that I can't put my finger on but the smell is so strong that it smells like I have taken a bath in it.  Overpowering. (maybe the italian bread)

I have never even seen what the bathroom looks like in the movie theater or restaurants, and we eat out and go to the movies almost every weekend.  I keep hand sanitizer with me and thank goodness I have a bladder that last for hours.

I could always tell when the school served spagetti by the way my daughter smelled when I picked her up from school.

I I can smell a dental condition called perio disease just from someones breath.

I can smell blood and infection.

(I work in a Dental office too so it can be a curse)

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I am casting a new show and we need people with excellent sense of smell- can you call me 323 786 1077

I can also smell water leaks before they leave any damage AND electrical problems BEFORE they get bad!! It will start with a hint of a "funny" smell.....and I will obsess about it and track it down. After 12 years my husband has finally learned that if I say something is not right then he goes with it. If I say....knock a hole in the wall right here something isn't right....he just does it. And there is always a problem in that spot. Very weird. I've had it my whole life!! If one of my kids doesn't flush the toilet and close the lid I can smell it across the house! Needless to say my house has to be spotless because I can smell dirt...and dust....

My father was cooking chicken in the oven and I could smell that the chicken was BAD ! The smell was like somthing died ! It was nasty !

If I walk by a home with all of its windows closed, I can smell if someone is smoking inside. I myself also smoke. I can smell someones perfume even if they are blocks away.

I have a strong sense of smell too. I get it from my mother. I know what you're talking about with the subway smell! It's so weird!! I'm guessing it's the type of disinfectant that they use? And when a person who smells bad walks into the room it makes me gag. It seems to fill up the whole place, ugh. D:<br />
and when people walk up behind me and cover my eyes and do the whole 'guess whooo?' things I can usually figure out who it is just ba<x>sed off their scent.<br />
You seem to be a little more intolerant of smells than I am- but I am in high school and I guess you get used to the smell of weed and B.O. and cheap Victoria's Secret body spray when you smell it on a regular basis..

You have synesthesia like myself, except my ultra-sense is sight, I've have never met another person with this condition yet have read stories such as this, my friends used to think I was crazy too when I was younger.

oh my ...wow