To The World

I wish for peace in this world it could be so much better than it is. There is enough food to feed everyone so no one should go hungry. There's enough space so there's plenty of space to grow. Technology applied in the proper way could eradicate all disease. Enough intelligence to educate all our children. Enough love in our hearts to no longer hate anyone. Enough freedom to let everyone taste it. Enough money that no one should be poor or homeless. That God is a part of all living things and we are each like a cell of the whole.

We don't need governments and new laws. We don't need religion to have a conversation of prayer with God. We don't need a world Government to chase all of our dreams away. We don't need communism in this world.

Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I could not agree more with you. A master power is the master disease. We could all be free if we could just learn to get along and love all of our brothers and sisters. We are all stuck on this earth together, why fight over it?

War is insanity and nothing is really changed because it. Thanks for your response