Big Box House With Many Windows

I like modern and contemporary architecture, as it's so sharp-looking and eye-catching. Since I was around 14, I came up with an idea for a house that was to be used in a computer game I was considering making. My inspiration was the house from Packard Bell Navigator, as I loved the house and graphics in that program, though interestingly enough, my dream house looked nothing like the Navigator house.

In its early conception, the house had a foyer, a personal study, an art gallery, and of course, basic rooms like a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and sun room. The house was L-shaped and had the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and sun room grouped together and connected by one hallway. The foyer was the most prominent room, boasting a ceiling height of approximately 30 feet and having an area of about 1600 square feet. It was also to have a loft 15 feet off the ground, which would serve as my office space. And all around the foyer would be nothing but narrow glass windows that stretched from the floor to the ceiling and covered the entire wall. The other rooms also had tall, narrow windows on the walls that faced outside. Also, the house was to have a flat roof and would be located in the woods.

Several months later after coming up with the first idea, I added another huge wing to the house. This included the garage, two very long hallways, which consisted of pretty much nothing except a lot of windows and a few doors, three bedrooms, and a game room, equipped with a pool table, a vintage console TV, and a fireplace.

As time got by, I realized how impractical such a house would be for me to build, so I eventually scrapped the second wing and worked on a more scaled-down version of what I originally came up with. I figured, though, that even that would be hard for me to build - especially with the economy the way it is.

As of now, building that house is not a serious goal for me. It's a dream of mine and nice to think about, and if I ever got enough money to take on such a project, I might do so, but for now, it is simply a fantasy.
CompNerd89 CompNerd89
26-30, M
Sep 10, 2011