3 Weeks Of The Same Dream...

I'm in high school, and I'm in my chemistry ap class, there is only ten of us, ( like a normal school day) but then Daniel, this guy I've know for years comes up and wraps his arms around my waist, and I didn't freak out. Dan isn't the most touchy person so I don't get why he would randomly just come up and hug me. I start to ask him why when he puts his face against my neck and kisses my pulse point. It seems normal and no one is freaking out but me. Then everyone goes in for a group hug. They start telling me how they couldn't have passed the exam (which is in May and were are in January) without me. Then everything disappears and I'm in a home and it feels like my home. It felt so real. Dan comes up behind me does the same thing he did above and tells me since I got home later than him that he'll make dinner for us. (I'm not dating Daniel, we're friends is what I keep telling myself), and then I get all happy because the babies in the rocker just woke up. I pick them up and kiss their foreheads. Dan walks back in and asks me how my day was. We talked for a bit about my research and his booming pharmaceutical business. Then we put the babies to sleep and went into "our" room and cuddled. I felt so loved and adored. The I wake up. That was day one.

Day 2: It all goes the same and then Daniel, though I keep referring to him as Dan in my dream ( in real life no one and I mean no one is allowed to call him that), then I wake up the next "morning" to the smell of coffee, I groan and open my eyes to see him there with my favorite cup and berries ( my usually breakfast) I lean into his chest while we eat and talk and then I hear the babies cry. I kiss his check and tell him to go get ready. He gives me a cheeky smile and winks. I go grab the babies and change them, get their bottles ready etc. I take them downstairs and not to long after Daniel comes down. I wink at him and then turn so that I can grab the burp rag. He takes it from me along with the baby I was about to burp and places a hard kiss on the side of my neck. I mumble no fair.

Day 3: It starts out the same as Day 1 and continues into Day 2... Fast-forward and we're in our 50's and we're outside sipping coffee looking at out grand-kids run around.
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Interesting. The dreams seem to be showing your future. In my experience, precognitive dreams of this kind (showing happy events) are a rarity.