My Dreams Of Flying

I am a 52 year old female.  I have had several dreams that my body just lifts up and I am flying over freeways and land and other places in my dream.  There seem to be other people in my dream.  Some can fly with me.  The dream starts out and progresses on.  This also feels like a lucid dream.  I dream this early in my sleep that felt like in the am of the morning.  At one point I dream that in one area of the dream there were some heavy clouds that I cound not see through and as I was flying up closer to them I could feel very cold and freezing temperatures and as I got closer it was like the clouds were sucking me up into them.  I immediately drew back and withdrew myself from being sucked up into these clouds.  It feld dangerous.  Later I woke up from the dream feeling like I could manipulate what was happening in the dream.  But, when I did actually wake up, my head felt light and felt as though my body was still floating and as though I could go back to sleep and pick up from where I left off.  I have had dreams before in my later life of flying like this in my sleep but never have I had a dream as lucid as this.  Also, in my dream this past am, there are time I feel that I cannot lift off the ground for some reason and other times I could just lift up an take off.

Would like to hear comments from anyone that can share this experience.
cleu1234 cleu1234
May 11, 2012