My dream is small. I don't want to change the world with my dream. I don't want to be famous. Heck, I want absolutely no recognition what so ever. My dream is a simple one.
I want to disappear.
Nothing angst filled, nothing depressing. I just want a quiet life, off grid, fully sustainable... I want to own my land outright and not have to pay taxes for it.. Just my family in a sea of wilderness.
And some chickens..
I have to have chickens...
And maybe a goat...
I'm really not that outgoing. I do like people, it's just that there is so much emotional noise here in the city. I grew up in the country riding horses and feeding chickens..
I feel to deeply. Sometimes it's like I can feel every emotion out there, and I want to help. I give and give and give of myself till I am burnt out; and still people take more. I just want to be free. Where the air is quiet..
That is my dream.
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2014 the thoughtfulness of how you think and write!......miss you, btw

It's a beautiful dream! :)
It sounds so serene :D
I'm almost the opposite. I want to change the world. I want to work in humanitarian development :) I want to help fight poverty :)
I don't need fame, money or power, but I want to make a difference out there :D and I like big cities :)

Then go for it! You can be anything and do anything you set your heart and mind to. People say I should be a social worker or teacher... But as much as I love children I know it would burn me out. I would take my work home with me so to speak. Chase your dreams Sweetie, I wish you the best.

Thank you!
I most definitely will! :)
You too. I hope your dream is one day a reality :)

Thank you. We are working towards buying a farm, I don't know about the other stuff. We will always have to pay land tax, even after the farm is paid off though.. What are you doing to achieve your dream?

I'm going to study Humanitarian Development at uni. I'm still 3 years away from that, though.
I'm learning a bunch of languages and I'm always interested in current affairs.
I'm always trying to find a way to work at the UN :) it's my dream job :)

Good for you! I'm sure you will be great.

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