It Happens...

Hvaing a drinking problem runs in my family...i always wnat to drink drinking is on my ming 24/7! When i wake up i wanna drink, when i sleep i wanna drink, when i have lunch i wanna drink. I'm a teenager. I passed out a couple weeks agao from a four loko. It was yummy!! I love 4 lokos. When i woke up i had no hangover cuzi drank water before i went to bed, i wanted another one when i woke up i still want another one! I love them. My dad keeps alcohol in the cabnet and i usually drink it wall whiskey and parrot bay rum. i love it!! I cant stop thinking about it. I don't know why, i try every day. I dont wanna get into trouble by my dad cuz he will through me out...but i want to drink it and get drunk 24/7! When he is at his girlfriends house which is 24/7 too. I usually take about 10 swigs of each bottle he has in there. And i'm drunk outa my mind he never finds out because im always passed out on my bed by the time he gets home...I don't knowwhat to do..My mom was never there for me. My dad is always with his girlfriend to realize. And i have tried to talk to him he won't listen....I guess i'll go drink some..
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

I love to drink too, this year I haven't ha a sober weekend, it's quite sad really, like I want to but ten it's like to much running threw my mind il drink

omg lauren... i kno u say u love it but its not a good thing to have this booze plus u are so young too.. i will send another message in a few if i can